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Author's NotesThe Chinese Bible App is a multi-function and multi-bible resources App!


*Service on devices with Android 5.1.1 or below has been terminated. Please do not delete download items if your device is affected. For any technical support, please email

Presented with solemnity by Chinese Bible International Limited!

The Chinese Bible App is a multi-function App which offers a massive selection of Bible versions, Bible dictionaries, Bible maps, study notes, daily devotionals, audio materials, application commentaries and reading plans, etc. Users can group different Bible versions, dictionaries and Bible study materials as their own reading resources. You may display different Bible versions and reading materials at the same time and compared them with each other. Also, the operation is so user-friendly that readers can enjoy a comfortable and convenient reading experience. We hope that the Chinese Bible App can help you understand our God and the Bible deeper and more comprehensively.

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- Auto typesetting and parallelism
- Parallel Mode: clear paragraph and poetry form
- Verse per line: easier to compare verses line by line
- Top-down Parallel windows: easier to compare the paragraph format of two versions.
- Left-right Parallel windows: easier to compare the words and terms of two versions.
- Portrait and Landscape mode are free to choose
- Multi-touch Zoom: to change font sizes easily.
- Fast scroll: touch the right-hand side of the screen and move to the relevant verses quickly.
- Left Right Flip: flip left for the next chapter and right for the previous chapter.
- Tapping for notes: interpret the meaning of the source text better
- Verse link in Note: for users to keep on searching for relevant information
- Multi Dictionaries Search: list out items collected by multiple dictionaries.
- Verse link in Dictionary: for users to keep on searching for relevant verses and words
- Bible Google Map: It links up with the function of Google Map to show you the location of places mentioned in the relevant chapters. You can also check the meaning of places you’ve chosen in the dictionary.
- History: When you re-open the App, it will automatically go back to the page you read last time. You can also go to the history to search for the scripture you’ve read before.
- Bookmark: note down your reading trace
- Key word search: search for key words, the searching items will be highlighted in red.
- Self note: note down your reading experience
-Highlight: highlight your favorite scriptures with different colours
-Social sharing: share scripture through Whatspp, Facebook, Email and SMS etc.

-Provides different items for purchasing and downloading without charge
-Update items by adding different Bible versions, dictionaries, study notes and devotionals materials etc.
-All purchased items are linked with Google Play account.
-As long as you’re using the same account to download the App, your data will still be remain, even though you have deleted the App or use other Android devices. Just download the free App again, the data will be there.

~Free Items~

Chinese Bible
- Union Version
English Bible:
- KJV with strong number and morphology
Greek Bible:
- Septuagint LXX with strong number and morphology
Hebrew bible:
Chinese and English Bible Google Map (link to all places listed in the Bible) (Wed-based)
-Strong's Dictionary
- International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)
- Robinson Morphology Analysis Codes
- Packard Morphology Analysis Codes for LXX
Evangelism Materials:
- How to be a Christian?
- CBI Youtube Channel (Wed-based)
Daily Devotional:
-Self-organized Bible reading plans
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Chinese Bible APK - v1.96

Updated: 2020-09-05

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聆聽神的話語── 創世記至啟示錄,只需88小時; 精配原創音樂,詮釋聖經中的莊嚴、澎湃、喜樂、哀傷…… ──助您更認識神! ☆試聽版為創世記第一章。 機構簡介: 異象:「聖經傳萬家,救恩臨天下」 漢語聖經協會有限公司是一個跨越宗派界限,致力在21世紀推動華人聖經事工的機構。我們將聖經出版與宣教理念結合,透過向全球中文讀者提供不同媒介與類型的聖經和聖經材料,讓信徒與非信徒從聖經中認識神,好預備人心,接納從教會與信徒而來的邀約,進入永恆的生命之中。 想深入了解本會事工,請瀏覽 如果對本軟體有任何疑問或意見,請電郵至。 Listening to the Word of God ─ ─ Genesis to...


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Let God's Word from the ear into your life


漢語聖經協會 - 2011聖誕節小冊子《全是因為愛》對象:年青人、成年人、慕道者 聖誕節年復一年地來去,你找到聖誕節的真義了嗎?降世為人的耶穌曾經歷世間種種,祂深知我們的感受,祂為我們的傷痕流淚,為我們的笑顏歡欣。耶穌是愛的化身,祂因愛你而來到世界,也因愛你被釘上十字架……這全是因為愛!今年聖誕節,你是否願意多把握一點甚麼?是否準備好接受上帝所賜下最美最好的珍寶—耶穌基督?本年全新製作的《全是因為愛》聖誕節福音小冊子,正好讓我們一同找尋聖誕節的真義,一同傳揚聖誕節的真愛。


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