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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesBuild a Tower of Cute Magical Boutique Shops in Charming Keep!


Use your Charm as the CEO of Charming Keep to build boutique shops for the hard-working elves, wizards, witches, orcs and woodland critters of Fairylandia.

These shopkeepers are dedicated to the main business objective - rescuing Charming Princes! That’s right, the Princes are always getting trapped while out questing for glory, but are rather inglorious as it happens.

Be Fairylandia’s greatest tycoon and wield your magic to:

•Build the most Charming Keep!
•Match adorable charmers (shopkeepers) to their shops for bigger rewards
•Unlock and collect VIPs to increase profits
•Customise your Keep by swapping and upgrading shops
•Complete daily quests for more gems
•Rescue Charming Princes!
•Tap cute bouncy critters to help earn money fast!

With super adorable characters, quirky pun-filled narrative and skyrocketing profits, Charming Keep is more than your average idle clicker.

… Plus bunnies, how cute are bunnies?!
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Charming Keep APK - v1.302.3323

Updated: 2018-07-18

What's new

Keep management has become super streamlined! Build a single keep as high as you like - the sky's the limit! The more money you earn, the more princes you'll rescue. Each prince now gives you a +2% profit bonus on your next keep when you build a new one.

So build a new keep when you've rescued plenty of princes and make even more profits with your new keep! Truly magical!

Should fix any NAN issues!
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1.302.3323 (3323)2018-07-18
1.201.3165 (3165)2017-11-15
1.110.3103 (3103)2017-06-01
1.101.3071 (3071)2017-04-16
1.012.3002 (3002)2017-02-21
1.007.2895 (2895)2017-02-06