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Supervises the charging process of your Electric car (Nissan Leaf, Nissan e-NV)

Monitors the charging process of the Nissan car via the Internet and informs in the event of an error or when the desired battery level is reached.

Compatible with NISSAN Leaf ZE0 and ZE1. The NISSAN e-NV200 is most likely also supported, I would be grateful for feedback here as well.

Does not work for the new Nissans (Manufacturing date May 2019 or later) due to their new API - please complain to Nissan!

This app does now work for the NNA (Noth American) API also.

After charging has started, you start the monitoring, which periodically checks the charge status and displays it graphically incl. average charging power and time of completion of charging, once enough values are available.

If the desired target charge quantity is reached - as a percentage of the available battery capacity - or an error occurs, the app sounds an alarm.

Please tell me if it does not work, I cannot test for other regions than Europe, ...

More details at my homepage https://android.chk.digital/lcc/,
Version History can be found at https://android.chk.digital/lcc/charging-supervision-history/

When the charging process is finished, the monitoring is automatically switched off.

Requires NO ODB-II dongle.

Yes, this app costs money - but there is also a lot of work involved. I'll pay the money back even after a few days if the app doesn't meet your expectations.

Version history can be found unter

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