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Author's NotesTranslate your speech into cat meow sounds and play using this game-translator


Disclaimer: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true human-to-cat translation functionality.

🐈 Try our cat sounds game translator app, it contains the most interesting and unusual features:
🐱 Kitty Meow Game Translator
🐱Cat's mood guide
🐱Ability to choose cats

This cat calls a game translator application is created for both - human and cat, because if you just got a pet and do not know how to tame it and learn its habits as quickly as possible, then with this application you have every chance to become a favorite owner and friend for your pet.💞 Also, this kitty game translator app does not harm the health of cat and human in any way, the sounds here are not harsh and not frightening, so in general the animal is safe.😺
Also, this cat sounds game translator application can be an excellent helper to distract the cat, because, for example, at the veterinarian or during travel, cats are very frightened and stressed. 💉🚙 Thanks to interesting and familiar sounds and calls from this application, you can play with your pet, distract your kitty and make him forget about fear.🧶🧵

Catcalls and sounds game translator
Talk to your cat and watch his reaction, he will definitely like this game. All you need to do is select any of the cats presented, press translate and turn on your voice, the app will translate it into a kitty meow, your kitty or your adult cat will come running to the sound.😻 🗣 Kitties can react to these meow sounds in different ways, but this reaction will amuse you. There are 5 different cats available in the calls play application, with the voices of which you can talk with your kitten, but you can also open 4 more types of cats to make it more interesting and to communicate with the cat.😾😿😸😼

Choose a cat
In the meow game translator application, you can choose any kitty that you like best. There are 4 cute kittens available - Patrick, Denny, Alice, Bob. 🐆🐅🐈They are all very different, each with its own coat color and its own breed. Сhoose the cat you like best and play with your pet with tips from our kittу-helper⚽️🍼

Interacting with the kitten
The meow game translator app has a very interesting function that shows how to interact with a cat.🧑🏼‍🏫 Here the possible states of the cats are in great detail. For example: A severely frightened cat lowers its tail to the body, it may even stick it between its hind legs, press it to its ears and move on bent legs. If he cannot escape, he lies down on the ground with his head raised and looks at the danger with wide eyes. Thanks to such cards, you can easily find out about the condition and mood of your kitten...🙀
This interpreter application is designed to entertain you and your little pet. Take a break from work and study, enjoy time spent together with your animal.🏃🏻‍♂️🐈

➡️Download the app for free⬅️, play, talk with animals using cat game translator, speak feline with your kitty using meow and cheer yourself up🤹🏻‍♀️🎉
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Cat Translator Game - Communicate with Animals APK - v1.4

Updated: 2020-11-01

What's new

- minor improvements
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1.4 (14)2020-11-01
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