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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesKeep your cards in one app!


Cards is a mobile wallet that keeps your cards in one app.

Enjoy a walletless life: Cards is more useful, safer and faster than your wallet.

With Cards you can pay, catch a bus, open doors, grab loyalty offers, identify to officials, get into shows etc.

NEW! Cards Apps™ turns your digital cards into information hubs allowing you to check out messages, discounts, store locations and much more from your favorite cards!

Cards Apps™ allows engaging card specific actions directly from your favorite cards: ordering a pizza from Pizza Card, flight tickets from Airline Card, tracking parcels from Courier Card etc.

Cards Quick Card™ lets you instantly open any card without opening the app. You can open cards using our Quick Card™ unlock popup or using the cards shortcuts in the notification bar.

NEW! Present Cards directly on your Smartwatch using Android Wear.

You can keep:

• Loyalty Cards
• Payment Cards (Credit/Debit/ATM)
• Transport Cards (Bus/Train/Metro)
• Identity Cards (Driver's License/Student/ID)
• Tickets (Shows/Movies)
• Key Cards (Work/Car/Home Entrance)

*** Cards acceptance depends on technology availability from the specific card brand, based on your country's regulation.
*** Some functions may not properly work in some regions.

What can I do with Cards?

• Load any card to your phone
• Send cards by tapping your phone on card readers (using NFC contactless technology)
• Send cards by presenting Barcodes
Cards Apps™ - Perform tasks from within Cards without downloading bloated & unfamiliar apps
Quick Card™ - Instantly access any card
• Read important messages from your card brands

How secure is Cards?

• Remotely lock your wallet
• Unlock Cards with your fingerprint or PIN code
• Sensitive data is double-encrypted in the cloud

Where can I install Cards?

Cards is available for FREE on Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows 8/10 & BlackBerry OS.

What are "Community Powered" and "Official" Cards?

• "Community Powered" Cards are non-official cards based on crowd sourcing, information contributed by Cards users themselves, much like Wikipedia.
• "Official" Cards are operated by the official organization that issues the card.

What about developers?

• We developers. Cards is all about inter-connectivity, crowd sourcing & community support. Go to and connect your app, website or NFC reader using our free and extremely easy to use SDKs (Java, C#, NodeJS, C++, Python) and APIs.

You can use Cards as a replacement to the discontinued Beep'n Go app by Mobeam or Samsung Beaming Services.
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Cards - Mobile Wallet APK - v2.20

Updated: 2020-11-29

What's new

• Bug fixes

Our team is constantly working to improve Cards. We really appreciate your feedback! Please contact with any issues or suggestions - we actually shape Cards according to your suggestions.

Thank you for using Cards.
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2.20 (321)2020-11-29
2.20 (320)2020-09-17
2.20 (319)2020-07-14
2.20 (317)2020-05-22
2.20 (310)2020-03-17
2.20 (306)2019-08-08
2.20 (308)2020-01-12
2.20 (307)2020-01-03
2.20 (305)2019-08-11
2.20 (303)2019-06-19
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