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OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesA tool to demonstrate the capabilities of a simple Zero Permission App (ZPA)


Show you detailed information of your device. This is a tool to demonstrate the information capabilities of a simple Zero Permission App.

This app will provide information about your Android™ Device using all available APIs, shortcuts, and workaround methods, but without using any Android™ permission. This is a tool to allow users or developers to understand the risks of information theft and information privacy that exist even in an app without any permission.

The information provided in this app is useful to understand the characteristics and features of your Android™ device. We also included a security scan function to check and provide recommendation for your device. It is especially useful when checking a new phone in a store.

We hope that users will be more conscious when downloading applications especially those with unnecessary permissions.

Zero permission app is an initiative to provide peace of mind to users by aiming to have no (ZERO) required permissions in Android™, but still providing innovative and effective features to you.

To use, just download and enter choose the desired information from the drop down menu and press start. All the test results can be copied to the clipboard and paste in any notes or email applications, for sharing, backup or analysis.

➤ Free, No ADs, and No root required
➤ Simple to use, no manual required
➤ Supports Smartphones, Tablets, Android™ based TVBox
➤ Supports Android™ KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie
➤ Provides Information such as Kernel, CPU, Cellular, Display, Installed Apps and more
➤ Good resource management
➤ No frills, run with minimum RAM and CPU
➤ No unnecessary function in the app (to enhance security)
➤ No Android™ Permission required, zero, none, zip, period
➤ Your device information will never leave your device
➤ Safe and Privacy focused, no servers and DOES NOT connect to the Internet
➤ Constantly updated to bring you more information for your device
➤ Check the permission required by other similar apps and you will agree that this is the BEST app for getting your device information in comparison.

Current Information Available in the App:
➤ CPU Info
➤ Android™ Features
➤ Hardware Sensors
➤ Linux Version
➤ Java Virtual Machine
➤ Android™ API value
➤ Battery Status
➤ Benchmarks - BogoMIPS, Dhrystone, Whetstone, Linpack
➤ System Broadcasts
➤ Preinstalled Certificates
➤ Cellular Info
➤ Clipboard Data
➤ Content Providers
➤ Device Admin Apps
➤ Disk Stats
➤ Display Info
➤ Installed Apps - time, update, version
➤ MediaCodec - Encoders, decoders
➤ Memory Info
➤ Mount Info
➤ List of Sensors and Sensor Data
➤ Android™ Secret Codes (e.g. *#*#4636#*#*)
➤ Init Services
➤ Uptime
➤ Audio
➤ Ringtones
➤ Hidden Settings
➤ Camera Statistics
➤ Webview Settings
➤ File Info from /system/etc, /proc, system/bin, vendor/bin

and many more coming...

Have fun and God Bless.
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Information Capabilities of a Zero Permission App APK - v1.3.4

Updated: 2020-09-02

What's new

- Display of Ads ID
- Security Providers

- Release date of Android if EOL
- eSIM availability
- Bug Fix - display timeout
- CPU benchmark - BogoMIPS, Dhrystone, Whetstone, Linpack
- Improve Disk Stats
- Certificates
- Sensor Data
- Audio
- Hidden Settings
- Camera Stats
- WebView
- Updated CPU Info, JVM
- AndroidX
- GPU/OpenGL
- Copy results
- GPU Details
- Media Codecs
- Secret Codes
- Install time for all apps, version, & top 5 recent app
- Content Providers
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1.3.4 (34)2020-09-02
1.3.3 (33)2020-08-10
1.3.1 (31)2020-03-08
1.3.0 (30)2020-03-07
1.2.9 (29)2020-02-19
1.2.7 (27)2020-01-27
1.2.6 (26)2019-12-14
1.2.2 (22)2019-06-26
1.2.1 (21)2019-06-03
1.0.4 (4)2018-09-15
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