Virtual buzzer to play with your friends across the world. Will you buzz first?



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Author's NotesVirtual buzzer to play with your friends across the world. Will you buzz first?


The Buzz In! buzzer app is the first virtual network buzzer on the app store to truly be a remote buzzer! Anyone across the world can join your group and compete to be the first one to buzz in. The Buzz In! app is not limited to the same WiFi connection and serves as a great tool for playing various game shows or quiz bowl type competitions.

Do you need a fun way to determine which person buzzes in first in your video trivia game during quarantine?

The idea for this application originated from playing trivia through a video conference with friends and family while everyone quarantined. We needed an unbiased and accurate way to tell which team buzzed in first to answer each question. This application meets that goal and adds a little bit of extra fun for everyone involved.

Technical Details
The buzzer requires at least one host device and one player device in order to use. Only one device should be the host at any point in the game in order to accurately keep track of which player was the first to buzz in.

The host device is able to view the timestamp and order of every player that buzzes in. The host is also able to clear the round to allow for new buzzes.

Each player device can buzz in and celebrate with confetti and exploding tacos whenever they are the first to buzz in.

The Buzz In! app requires an Internet connection for every device in the competition.

Getting Started
Open the app then enter a Group Name and a Player Name. The Group Name needs to match with everyone else playing, so ensure everyone uses the same group (watch out for typos). The Player Name should be the name you would like to use when buzzing in. This name will be shown to the host when you buzz in so make it as creative as you like!

After entering the Group and Player Name fields, go to the Host or Player screen depending on which role you want to be. The host device will need to initiate the group and round by clicking on the "New Round" button before anyone will be allowed to buzz in.

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What's new

Fixed a bug that was not allowing users to buzz in properly using the release build. Sorry about that!

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