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Author's NotesEasy turn-based economic strategy, stock exchange simulator and more!


Business strategy 2 is a turn-based strategy, an easy exchange simulator that will allow you to plunge into the business world. This simple and exciting economic strategy will allow you to trade in stocks and commodities, open your business - everything to achieve your goals. Manage your time, develop your skills, invest in various sectors of the economy.
The game is free, without registration and demo accounts.
Keep track of the economy and news, analyze stock charts, find undervalued assets and choose the right moment for investment. Meet the vital needs of the character to avoid depression and health problems. Work as an employee, become freelancer or start your own business - the choice is yours! Start a business in different industries, with varying degrees of risk and return. Get an education, invest in real estate or business, develop your own skills to get an advantage!
Choose your strategy on the way to success - from cautious short-term investments to the wide and bold use of credit funds.
Game features:
-easy and addictive gameplay
-without registering
- path from clerk to billionaire
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Business strategy 2 APK - v3.1

Updated: 2020-09-13

What's new

-Fixed Polish translation (many thanks to Krystian Hutyra)
-Fixed the calculation of the selling price of the oil company
-added the ability to buy and sell one unit of goods
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3.1 (26)2020-09-13
3.0 (24)2020-08-23
2.4 (23)2020-07-28
2.3 (22)2020-07-15
2.2 (21)2020-07-04
2.1 (20)2020-06-27
1.8 (18)2020-06-23
1.7 (17)2020-06-03
1.6 (16)2020-05-14
1.5 (15)2020-05-07