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Leverage technology with a team training system and mobile app. Create training and and have the confidence your message is getting delivered. Business Glu is the step-by-step team app with big results.

Remove the reliance on ever-changing social groups and confusing chats for communicating with your team. Send team push notifications, alerts, and updates that are sent through Business Glu -- and get seen.

Stop wondering who is taking action on your leadership training! Get the data and metrics to see who watches and implements your training. No more free loaders, and common questions. Use the app to get your content and training distributed to your team on your terms.

Check on progress, gain accountability, and train your team on the go with a unique, team customized experience.

Glu helps leaders and teams grow.

-Unlimited Training - Be the leader and show people how to grow
-Team Accountability - See who is plugged in and taking action
-Push Notifications - Communicate directly with your team
-Access your training 24/7
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Business Glu APK - v1.5.1

Updated: 2021-02-11

What's new

Bug fixes and improvements
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1.5.1 (28)2021-02-11
1.5.0 (27)2021-01-20
1.4.4 (18)2020-09-10
1.4.3 (17)2020-04-24
1.4.2 (16)2020-03-10
1.3.0 (10)2019-12-28
1.2.3 (6)2019-08-21
1.2.0 (4)2019-08-09
1.1.0 (3)2019-07-25