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Author's NotesCraft, Mine, Build, Destroy & Fight. Build your own world in this crafting & building game. Dream big mine big...




Craft, Mine, Build, Destroy & Fight. Build your own world in this crafting & building game. Dream big mine big and craft big. Builder craft is the key to your mining and crafting exploration journey.

Explore & Use your creativity to build blocky world. Exploration will help you find hidden jewels, collecting resources, kraft weapons and building sanctuary. Exploration crafts to protect yourself.

We have added amazing crafting worlds:
➥ If you like Savanna we have savanna craft world for you. Savanna is a biome in the Overworld. It has greenish-brown grass and is scattered with acacia trees.
➥ You want block builder in the snow? We give you winter craft world.
➥ Snowcraft ?️ will let you craft and build white blöcke in mycraft.

Craft, Create & Explore 3D Block World
? In Survival mode players need to gather resources, hunt, crafting item, construct buildings, fight with enemies, manage hunger and explore world to survive and prosper.
Let's see your skills of builder craft and crafting blocks. Be prudent, in the infinite world of minicraft you may have to face not only peaceful Animals, but awful Monsters too! Win a battle with them and you will get rare resources.

? BuildCraft has following type of MOBS let's see how they will behave.
Passive Mobs: Cow ?, sheep, chicken etc. these are friendly animals they won't hurt you.
Boss Mobs: These mobs are your real enemies they tiger, bear, zombie & villager will attack you survive from them.
Neutral Mobs: Common neutral mobs are wolf, snake, spider & scorpion get ready they are passive sometimes and sometimes they attack so be prepared for the situation.

✔ Amazing Biomes like: Lava, caves, green plains, snow mountains, grassy forest and savannah you will explore in blockcraft world.
✔ This game will change to War Zone & you might have to battle with different crazy mobs like zombie villagers, lion, tiger etc.
✔ Limitless craft materials e.g mega bloks, stone, ice blocks, sand block, lava blocks, diamond block and many other crafts material.
✔ There are some peaceful animals like chicken ?, cow, sheep and more.
✔ Attacking mobs like, spiders, scorpion wolf bear. Build your own shelter;
✔ Go deep into the mines. Gather resources to survive;
✔ Mining for creative and survival worlds. Mine 3d building blocks in woodcraft worlds with tools ⛏️ like axe, hoe, sword, spade and more.

? Adventure worlds are waiting for you. Survival in adventure worlds of savanna & greenland would be very challenging specially at nights. Spiders, scorpions, wolf, lion, zombie villager are few active mobs that will make your survival crazy.

This is a mindcraft game that will use your mind capabilities to see what you can do to develope a World of Cubes.
Survival in infinite Animal world will encounter Blocky Zombies, Predators, Models. Be prepared for different intense weather condition in block crafting game.
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Buildcraft - Craft , Mine and Build Exploration APK - v1.1

Updated: 2018-11-27

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Build, Survive and Craft the awesome worlds of MyCraft PE
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