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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesBuilding freely, shooting freely, come and win your glory in this mini game!


Build and Shoot is a pixel-style online shooting game which has:

Over 100 cool weapons;
Each weapon has special attributes: poisoning, bleeding, or bullets running around, making you hardly preventable;
Auto shooting feature for new players;
Invisible? Flying? Frozen? Use dazzling props to change your situation in game;
Use blocks to build whatever you like that can defend against attacks;
Free to dress and decorate your character;
Dance with character in anytime at anywhere.

***Team Mode***
Team mode features:
• Work with your teammates to kill enemies
• Respawn on a fixed team respawn point
• Get more kills for your team score
• The team get the most kills in game wins

*** Solo Mode***
Sole mode features:
• Everyone in game is your enemy
• You will fight alone, which tests your reaction and shooting skills
• Everyone will be respawn at the random place on the map, watch your back
• You will rewarded by kills, the first player will receive an additional bonus

***1v1 Mode***
1v1 mode features:
• Choose chest for winning reward before game starts
• The winner will receive the selected chest, and the other should pay for that chest
• Win the chest by your shooting skills
• Win the game according to kills in a limited time

*** More gameplay modes are coming soon, so stay tuned***

You will also:
Get rewards from daily tasks and weekly activeness;
Get global player ranking, and win the season reward;
Upgrade you weapons and props;
Experience new world with interesting game maps

What are you waiting for, join us now!
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Build and Shoot APK - v1.9.1

Updated: 2020-10-04

What's new

What's new in 1.8.5
1.Game detail optimization.
2.Bug fixed
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1.9.1 (3227)2020-10-04
1.8.5 (3213)2020-06-10
1.8.3 (3206)2020-04-16
1.7.3 (3176)2019-11-06
1.7.2 (3174)2019-10-29
1.7.0 (3170)2019-10-28
1.6.4 (3168)2019-09-29
1.5.7 (3148)2019-08-29