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Whether you’re heading out alone or with friends plan all your snowmobile rides from a single app. Stay in control with turn-by-turn navigation and enjoy thousands of official trails, points of interest and service centres. Create and share routes, invite friends along to ride with you and follow them on the map.

• Access to more than 20,000 points of interest and thousands of trails across North America
• Direct connection to the vehicle display on some models
• Route planning
• Creation of custom points of interest
• Turn-by-turn navigation
• Save and reuse previous rides
• Free-ride with the area exploration feature
• Off-line navigation
• Save and share rides with friends
• Locate friends on the map (beta)
• View ride statistics

Connecting to the vehicle display
• If your Ski-Doo snowmobile is fitted with the 7.8-inch panoramic colour display, use Bluetooth and a USB cable to sync with your smartphone and access BRP GO! functions directly on your vehicle.
You will need the BRP Connect app.

Compatible Ski-Doo models with 7.8-inch LCD display:
• MXZ X-RS and X 2021: 850 E-TEC only
• Renegade X-RS and X 2021: 850 E-TEC and 900 ACE Turbo only
• Backcountry X-RS and X 2021
• Expedition SE 2021

How to connect with BRP Connect
• Synchronize your phone with your Ski-Doo via Bluetooth. You only need to do this once as your snowmobile will connect to your phone automatically. (This can take a few seconds.)
• Connect your phone using the USB cable. (OEM USB cable recommended.)
• Once your phone is synchronized via Bluetooth and connected with the USB cable, the BRP Connect app will start automatically.

Federations and other sources provide us with data to ensure you get the best snowmobile experience. The following provinces, states and territories are available:
Canada: Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan
US: Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York State, Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Vermont and North Dakota

BRP works in collaboration with all the snowmobile associations. Their involvement in BRP GO! is at their sole discretion. Do not hesitate to ask your local club or your province or state association to get involved in the initiative.
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BRP GO! APK - v1.2.0

Updated: 2021-02-20

1.2.0 (1424000)2021-02-20
1.1.1 (1355000)2021-01-10
1.1.0 (1322000)2020-12-16
1.0.61 (1302000)2020-11-18