Flashlight - Simple cool flash lite LED lamp! Instantly light you beauty

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Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Flashlight - Simple cool flash lite LED lamp! Instantly light you beauty

Flashlight , Any light are easy to use The Fastest, Brightest, And Most Handy Tool!
Turns the phone into a bright torch by visiting the camera's flash!

Can improve the visible performance in the dark to reach the LED camera flash source, the power of the phone backlight can become a powerful alternative to flashlight!If you only need to use a simple and easy to operate interface,This tool is the best choice!

Main Features:
* Super Cool Design: Elegant Switch UI
* Instant open: Fast response, anytime, anywhere lighting
* Low battery consumption: The battery is used at least
* The brightest Light:Use the back flash to make the lighting
* Exquisite Widget: Super beautiful flashlight icon

Why does the flashlight require a camera license?
The LED is part of the camera, for the switch lights, we need this permission to use the flashlight!Please be assured that we swear not to explore your privacy, we will try to protect your privacy!
If you need fast, very bright lightThis safe and reliable flashlight will be your best choice!

Whether you are taking pictures at night, Need auxiliary light; Or in camping need to illuminate the landscape of your travels; Or power off, then you can light it!The bright LED flashlight provides powerful light power for you to use the camera flash to illuminate the darkness, like a really strong flashlight., as long as you need light,Our flashlight will always be with you at any time!

Before you use the tool a few suggestions:
1.Add Widget to the desktop:Click the icon to create an Widget to make it easier to access the flashlight
2.If you only need a flashlight and for a long time, you can choose to turn off the screen light first so that the battery can be extended for standby time
3.Use the light in the process do not straight on the eyes of others

Flashlight compatible with most Android phones and systems.If your phone model is not compatible with our tool, or you have better ideas, please contact us. We will promptly repair and improve this product!

Let Bright Bright instantly light your beauty!You are happy!

Flashlight APK - v1.9

: 2020-09-15

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1.9 (9)2020-09-15
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