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Brently Mods Collector

New addtions:
- Graphic improvements
- Minimap with modded display
- More space in the inventory

Why should you download Brently Mods Collector?

With our free packs of the best Minecraft mods, you can really rebuild the world with bunch of blocks.
If you want to drill your Minecraft world, you can use many many of our mods. We have put together the best Minecraft mods for you and made them available for download and play on your mobile. This includes new NPCs for game value, useful items, better lighting and effects, a minimap with a mob display.

In addition, installing Minecraft shader packs is always worth! So you get great lighting effects, shadows or improved water displays. How exactly you install them and show an overview of different packs

Brently Mods Collector APK - v1.1.8

: 2020-09-30

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Version 1.1.3

1.1.8 (118)2020-09-30
1.1.5 (115)2020-09-07
1.1.3 (113)2020-09-01
1.1.2 (112)2020-08-15
1.1.1 (111)2020-07-28
1.1.0 (110)2020-07-08
1.0.9 (109)2020-06-03
1.0.8 (108)2020-05-23
1.0.6 (106)2020-04-28
1.0.4 (104)2020-04-24