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Author's NotesStay on top of the latest breaking news happening locally and in the US.


Never miss a local or breaking news story!

Get the latest breaking news, top stories and live alerts with Breaking News Brief.

Stay informed with fast, curated, and accurate news reporting – find access to the latest news and follow coverage of breaking new events, local news, national news, and more from the world’s top trusted publishers.


Breaking News Alerts
Real-time News Updates
News Coverage Curated by Trusted Sources
Latest Top Stories at Your Fingertips
Top Current Event Briefs
Daily Headlines Updated Throughout the Day

US News and Updates

- Get curated articles, in-depth coverage, and breaking headlines – all at your fingertips!
- Follow the coverage of national headlines, alerts, news updates, and more
- Read relevant stories from the most trusted news outlets across the US

Local Breaking News and Alerts

- Find comprehensive, exclusive reporting you can’t get anywhere else
- Your source for the latest local headlines and live alerts

Weather News

- Get the latest weather news and forecasts
- Stay up-to-date with the latest alerts, weather news stories, reports, and forecasts

Download Breaking New Brief today – pick what news stories you’re most interested in, be connected, and stay up to date on the latest, breaking news updates!
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Breaking News Brief: Local News & US Headlines APK - v1.9.0

Updated: 2021-02-25

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