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Author's NotesYou need brain teasers for your mind? Tricky puzzles to blow your brain out!..


Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle- Mind Games is a new fun and free brain game to level up your IQ! It’s designed with multiple brain teasers, tricky puzzles, mind games, quizzes, and riddles to enable your brain to discover new ways of smart thinking.

Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle- Mind Games is a tricky brain test. Let’s show off with your IQ. It’s an addictive and fascinating game with a series of tricky brain teasers.

Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle- Mind Games covers a wide range of trivia questions to satisfy the taste of all the players and lovers of words games, riddle games, numbers games, IQ games, and more.

The great features of Braindom ;

· Different brain teasers!
· Increase your creative thinking!
· Imaginative gameplay!
· Think outside the box!
· Find the differences in the boxes
· Attention, use matchsticks carefully!
· Apply real-life logic to beat the challenges.
· Try different mechanics, think bigger!
· Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills.
· Focus on the details and boost your brainpower!
· Use hints if you need a clue.
· Find solutions to the riddles!
· Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers: You will be tricked!
· Great exercise for the brain.
. So many levels to play
· Simple and highly addictive gameplay.
· Fun for All Ages
· Great time killer.

What a great brain test! Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle- Mind Games is an addictive and fascinating game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles testing will challenge your mind.

You will be surprised by the unusual logic to solve each quest and quiz, and if you are smart and detail-oriented you will spend a funny and easy time passing from each level to the next. Of course, if you train your brain to solve the tricky puzzles by thinking out of the box.

Braindom brain game is designed in a simple yet brain-pushing way, it’s free and includes surprising features, every quiz is tricky but not impossible, you will definitely enjoy it and play it with your friends and family.

Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brainteasers, or just want to have a good time, then Save the Girl is the game for you! Can you protect her from harm?

Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle, Mind Games, IQ Test challenges your brain to experience a lot of difficult mind games, tricky mind questions, brain puzzles, and different riddles. Braindom evaluates your logical thinking ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory, creativity, and allows you to answer the questions quickly.

Download Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle, Mind Games, IQ Test app to have fun with your friends with this creative and fun free tricky mind game test that you will be addicted to.

Get ready! Play now and have fun endlessly!
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Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle, Mind Games,IQ Test APK - v1.1.9

Updated: 2020-07-29

What's new

- New Levels
- Bug fix
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