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Author's Notes2048, Chain Effect, Indonesian Puzzle - logic games to train your brain


Just like physical activity, everyone needs some brain training.

"Brain Games - Number Puzzles" app is like a gym for your mind.

Playing our puzzles:

- improves logic and number skills

- exercises your brain extensively

- stimulates the mind

- enhance problem-solving and reasoning abilities

- stretches the brain

- keeps your mind sharp

Gradually increase difficulty to facilitate brain training.

As the difficulty progresses, games become harder, and you'll have to apply more advanced strategy and logic to solve the puzzles.

If you play these games regularly, you'll start to feel improvements in your attention, concentration and overall brain power.

Solving puzzles gives you a sense of accomplishment and feelings of satisfaction.

Currently there are 3 games in the app (2048, Chain Effect, Indonesian Puzzle), but more exciting puzzles will be added soon.

All games are easy to learn, but challenging to master.
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Brain Games - Number Puzzles APK - v1.2

Updated: 2019-12-10

What's new

No ads and no fake scores
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