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Author's NotesHow smart are you!? this game is the free funny and tricky brain puzzle!


The game is a combination of many different kinds of questions, sometimes requires you to be smart, but sometimes it becomes meaningless .
Your imagination, high IQ and a bit of luck are all you need to play.
You need to figure out the rule to solve each question, and any stage may follow the rule or not at all.
Free your mind out of the box, being logical thinking, proactive, accurate, and creative. Some stage may be solved in the usual way but do not let it fools you.
There are times when it's ridiculous, but that ridiculous things will make you comfort and fun, that's our purpose when creat this game.

● The rules of all the questions are not the same.
● Logical thinking or humourous imagination are required.
● All the questions are simple, figure them out and pass them quickly.
● There will have unexpected answers.
● Internet does not required.

Let's train your brain training and your sense of humour!"
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Brain Games - Crazy Puzzles Games 2020 APK - v1.3.1

Updated: 2020-08-05

What's new

✨ Optimized and fix bugs.
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