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Author's Notes- Make you work efficiently- Elaborate and simple design


Brain Focus is a fantastic app to make you work effectively. It has an elaborate and simple design. It can help you keep the focus on your work and manage your time easily. 💎Have a try! You will like it!💎

⭐️ How To Use
• Start a work session
• At the end of the work session, reward yourself with a break
• At the end of the break session, restart both previous steps
• X amount of break you can reward yourself with a longer break

⭐️ Basic Features
• Pause and resume sessions
• Notification before the end of the work session
• Customize "Work End Ringtone"
• Customize "Break End Ringtone"
• Long Break
• Ticking in work sessions

⭐️ Report
• Get an overview of your task time

⭐️ Task
• Create tasks for different situations
• Configure different settings per task

⭐️ Colorful Themes
• Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple

⭐️ App Lock
• Keep focus by blocking distraction

⭐️ Dark Mode
• Save more power
• Get your eyes relaxed in the night

⭐️ Support Multiple Languages
• English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

More features are developing...

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Help us to translate because you know best how Brain Focus should be translated into your language.

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Brain Focus: Pomodoro Tech & Productivity Timer APK - v2.5.0

Updated: 2020-10-27

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Fix some issues
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2.5.0 (43)2020-10-27
2.4.5 (41)2020-10-09
2.4.4 (40)2020-09-15
2.4.3 (39)2020-08-25
2.4.1 (37)2020-07-30
2.3.9 (35)2020-07-15
2.3.6 (32)2020-05-04
2.3.4 (30)2020-02-23
2.3.3 (29)2020-02-14
2.3.2 (28)2020-01-09
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