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Author's NotesFight and Battle Monsters in this Action RPG Anime Game!


[Blustone 2 Game Introduction]
Blustone 2, a refreshing and revolutionary tap action game available for smartphones and tablets! Take off in this animated adventure RPG experience, with over 90 unique hunters full of personality!

[Available in Game]
■ Hunter Guild: Fight alongside comrades as guildmates
■ Boutique: Show off some flair and individuality with outfits
■ Fight Club: Test your team against the world through PVP battles
■ Suspicious Shop: Recruit more Hunters and collect traces
■ Ice Fishing Area: Reel in rare, exotic and valuable fish

■■■■■ Blustone 2 Features ■■■■■

■ Attack by tapping in a fast-paced battle
Every tap attacks the enemy and taps in succession can bring even more damage and powerful attacks.

■ In-game animations and cinematics
Each character skill comes with in-game animations and cinematics for select special moves!

■22 Top Class Voice Actors for in-game interactions
From Rie Takahashi, who voiced Emilia in Re:Zero, to other famous voice actors like Maria Naganawa, Maki Kawase, Ayaka Fukuhara, Hiroyuki Kagura along with 22 voice actors dubbing the game and further interactions in the game!

■ A Boundless World
Experience a rich storyline and vast world created from the minds of White Island and BTB.

■ Costumes to bring out individuality
Unique characters can be customized and given new appearances through the “Boutique.” Gather, pick and choose the outfits for your stylish team!

■ Recruit Hunters and Get Stronger!
RECRUIT Hunters and Level Up!
TRAIN your hunters and UPGRADE their equipment at the Hunter Gym!
Reach your hunters maximum potential through gameplay!

■ All Together at Blustone!
Join or create guilds to work together to help each other in Blustone!

* This game is only available for Android OS 4.4W or above.
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Blustone APK - v2.5.9.1

Updated: 2020-09-17

What's new

- Team level expanded from 99 > 150
- Equipment stats increment increased by 50% from the current value, equipment upgrade cost increased by 10%
- Maximum number of owned Jewels increased from 200 > 300
- Fixed the issue where some currencies were displayed incorrectly upon purchase
- Fixed the issue where the opponent team's fate bonus was applied incorrectly in certain situations
- Fixed the issue where fate bonus and jewel stats were applied incorrectly during Friendly Battles
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