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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesApplication will help you solve problems with a weak bluetooth signal


The Bluetooth Auto Connect - Connect Any BT Devices application will help you solve problems with a weak bluetooth signal, unstable connection and will allow you to connect to any bluetooth device automatically in a split second.
This application has many features that will please any user.

What features of the application are we talking about?

🌐 Вt autoconnect
🌐 Сreating many profiles
🌐 Devices priority feature
🌐 Вluetooth connection status indicator
🌐 In-depth application settings
🌐 Bluetooth notifications

Having problems with bluetooth connection? For a long time the gadget cannot find bluetooth devices, even if they are very close? Are you getting an error while connecting? Or does the device generally lose Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or tablet for no apparent reason? These problems are quite common lately and they can arise even with the newest and smartest Android and Bluetooth devices. In order to prevent such troubles from occurring and to strengthen the bluetooth connection, we have created an incredibly powerful and multitasking application that will be an excellent assistant and addition to any device with bluetooth connection.
The app will easily connect bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speaker, bluetooth earbuds, headphones wireless to your android in just a couple of seconds.

If you are tired of the fact that you have to manually search and connect bluetooth devices each time, such as bluetooth earphones, bluetooth keyboard, then you can set up bluetooth auto connect to all bt devices that are nearby and turned on. To do this, you just need to manually find and connect device just 1 time, and in all subsequent times your gadget will connect the devices you need as soon as you turn on bluetooth.

You can create several different profiles for bluetooth devices, change them or create new ones. With the priority function, you can see the status of each of the previously connected and connected bluetooth gadgets, select the desired profiles, see whether the device is connected to bluetooth, whether bluetooth autoconnection is configured to the selected bluetooth devices and much more. If you do not often connect to one of the bluetooth devices, you can turn off the auto-connect function on it so that the device does not connect at an inopportune moment.

How to connect the device to bluetooth while working with the application? The algorithm of actions is exactly the same as when connecting to a regular bluetooth. You go into the program and select a bluetooth connection, then you will see all bluetooth devices that are nearby, you connect to them only once and set up automatic connection, and each time the bluetooth is turned on, these devices will connect automatically. We recommend that you rename your devices so that you do not accidentally confuse them with the devices of your child, significant other, neighbor, or work colleague, as many devices have similar names.

Download the free Bluetooth Auto Connect - Connect Any BT Devices application right now and you will forever forget about the problems of unstable and bad bluetooth connection with devices such as bluetooth headset, bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth speaker and others. And you can also configure frequently used devices for bt auto connect.
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Bluetooth Auto Connect - Connect Any BT Devices APK - v1.9

Updated: 2021-01-11

What's new

- fixed minor bugs
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1.9 (19)2021-01-11
1.8 (18)2021-01-05
1.5 (15)2020-12-11
1.4 (14)2020-11-18
1.2 (12)2020-10-26