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Author's NotesManage a workforce on-the-go, with live worker tracking and easy communication.


With the new Bluecrew Manager, employers who use Bluecrew to staff an on-demand, flexible workforce can now manage their entire crew easier than ever, with improved real-time staff views and quicker communication to one or all of the workers - all in one centralized place on a smartphone or tablet.

Deep in the warehouse and need to see who from your on-demand workforce is there today? The new app gives employers real-time insight into who is/was/and will be on-site. Plus, the app identifies who may have missed their clock-in and allows employers to clock them in, ensuring time tracking is as accurate as possible.

Got unexpected extra mouths to feed at tomorrow’s catering event? Use the app to request additional workers in seconds so you’ve got the help you need to serve up a flawless event.

Impressed with your Crew Members and want to show them some love? Providing feedback on your workforce can now be done from anywhere - just “Favorite” them and we’ll surface your next job to them first. Not a fan of someone? Mark them as “Don’t Send Back” to remove them from future work.

This app is available at no additional charge to employers who currently use Bluecrew to leverage an flexible, all W-2 workforce.
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Bluecrew Manager APK - v0.5.1

Updated: 2020-02-27

What's new

Company selector with last 5 companies
Undo buttons for roster actions
Calendar improvements
Bug fixes
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0.5.1 (51)2020-02-27
0.4.9 (44)2020-02-20
0.4.2 (36)2020-02-15