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Blood Sugar Tracker: Blood Glucose History Checker is the newly designed blood sugar tracker, the application keeps the track of blood sugar readings in the logical form. This Blood Sugar Control makes it easy to log and analyze your blood glucose levels in a convenient place, your Android phone or tablet. The record maintain by this application can be viewed in multiple forms. This blood sugar conversion app will help you to convert your blood sugar from mg/dL to mmol/L and vice versa.

With the blood sugar converter you can convert blood sugar values from mmol/L to mg/dL. Input the blood sugar value in mmol/L and press on convert to start the process. Type the blood sugar value in mg/dL and press on conversion to convert the value to the mmol/L value. The application gives the option to users to setup their profile as the application suggest the info section as the application generates these guidelines and if the user remain successful to follow these guidelines that surely will lead the respective person to healthy life. The application is designed to keep the complete track record of the user’s Blood Sugar.

User can enter the Blood Glucose reading in application. The application enables user to obtain the records in statistical form. Best app for recording Blood Sugar readings MG/DL, MMOL/L & pulse rate. This application has analysis section which determines that whether blood sugar level is normal or not, Perform daily exercise to control diabetes so the your body may produce insulin. Add tags to each record – so with the help of diabetes logs you will find out your diabetes dynamics, for example, before meals, before breakfast, after lunch, after meals, In Morning, evening etc.

Type the blood sugar value in mg/dL and press on conversion to convert the value to the mmol/L value. If you want to convert the blood sugar value from mmol/L to mg/dL then type the value in mmol/L and press on conversion.In this application you can have the good user interface graphs and with reports will help you to manage the BP and sugar level. you can control your blood pressure and sugar levels using our application BP and Sugar Check.
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Blood Sugar Tracker: Blood Glucose History Checker APK - v1.0

Updated: 2020-07-01


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