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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesNumber Block game. Simple but funny puzzle game!


Block! Easy to play for all ages. "Block Puzzle" is a classic block game! Just have a try, you will love it.

-Easy and fun play
-No time limit
-You can play offline in anytime
-Support Leaderboard, you can challenge other player's record form the world
-Game is automatically saved and continue to play later
-Beautiful, simple and classic design.

How To Play:
-Klotski mode
6 different sizes:
-3X3-for beginners and kids
-4X4-classical mode for all ages
-5X5-for those who like to think
-6X6-comples mode for veteran
-7X7-difficult level to challenge
-8X8- design for master players
The number is in a wrong sort at the beginning. Your task is to make them in a right sort! Click the number next to the empty to change postion.
Play the classic intelligence Klotski digital game, challenge your brain power! User-friendly operation and simple interface make you experience the unique charm of slide puzzle game! Go for enjoy it and have fun!

- Super 2048 Puzzle
The classic 2048 puzzle is a fun, addictive and a simple number puzzle game. You join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!
Move Up, Down, Left, Right to move the block! When the same number meets. It will be changed to the sum of the two numbers. Your task is to complete the target block!

-Puzzle mode
The operation is simple and convenient, drag the block below the screen into the square, when the row or column is filled, the whole row or column can be eliminated, until there is no space to place the block the game ends.

-Ball mode
Click on the screen to shoot the ball into the wheel! If the ball collision with other ball, the game will be over.

-Bomb mode
There is a bomb in the square. You need to drag the block below the screen into the square. When the row or column of the bomb in is filled. The current bomb will be removed and reset the detonation time. What you need to do is try to remove the current bomb before the countdown ends.

More modes are coming soon, please look forward to...
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Flipull : Number Puzzle APK - v1.0.9

Updated: 2018-10-19

What's new

-Game optimization

Thanks for your support and love of our game!
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1.0.9 (10)2018-10-19
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