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Author's NotesCreate your awesome birthday wishes from our app Birthday Video Maker.


Create Video From your selected Photos and Music by Birthday Video Maker.
Make Your Birthday Party Movie by Using our Birthday Movie Creator app.

Birthday Photo Video Maker have a many functionalities to create slideshow Video.
It is a simple and Easy To use Birthday Movie Maker & Birthday Video Creator application.

Make Birthday Video from your memorial Images with Beautiful Theme or Frames and Movie Music.

Create your Funny Video from your selected images and sound In Birthday photo slideshow with music.

You can select your Photo Album to make a particular events Videos.

Create Your Birthday Video from Mixing Photos and Music or Song.

In Birthday Video Slide Show maker you can add the background music from your Music Library.

Make Your Music Picture Movie from Birthday Photo Video Maker.

You can create a You Tube Short Film or, Funny Video from Slide Movie Maker app.

In Birthday video maker of photos with song you can also make your Instagram video and share it with your friends.

Birthday Slideshow Maker is your Home Birthday Movie Maker to create any video with your choices.

Create Your Video With 4 Steps:

1. Select Photos From Gallery
2. Adjust the Position with drag and drop
3. Apply Theme, Effects , Edit Images, Preview then Save
4. Share it to your Social Media accounts ex. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Etc.

Key Features*

 Very Neat and Clean User UI with Easy Steps to Create your Video
 You Can select multiple Images from your Gallery with maximum 50 images
 You can remove selected image or remove all images by clicking on Delete button.
 Set Your Photos Position in sequence as you want by drag and drop your Photos.
 Video Creator have built in Photo Editor available
With multiple functionality like:

1> Image Filters
2> Add Text On Photo
3> Draw On Photo
4> Image Contrast
5> Image Brightness
6> Image Saturation

 Birthday Video Slideshow Have beautiful Frames available to Make your Video Slideshow more beautiful
 Add Your Favorite Music or Song from your Music Library to Play Background Music With Birthday Photo Slide Show Movie.
 You can set the Duration of your Frame, Minimum is 2 Second, Maximum 10 Second.
 Play Your Movie to see the preview of your Birthday Video
 By Giving your Name you can save your created Video to your Mobile.
 You can share your Movie with your Friends or Share it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter Etc.

Have any Question? Comments?
Please Contact us via our Email id:
We are happy to help you always.
Thank you for Using our Birthday Video Maker.
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Birthday Video Maker APK - vv3.3.2

Updated: 2020-12-11

What's new

* Minor Bugs Solved!
* Performance Improved!
* New Design!
* Birthday Photo Frame
* Name On Cake
* Photo On Cake
* New Transition Effects Added!
* Many Video Transition Effects available in this update.
* New Image Transition Effects.
* 3D Transition Effects on video.
* Image + music = video with transition effects.
* Now we are used camera for taking pictures and edit it so
user need to allow this permission: android.permission.CAMERA.
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v3.3.2 (52)2020-12-11
v3.3.1 (51)2020-11-06
v3.3.0 (50)2020-10-31
v3.2.8 (48)2020-10-26
v3.2.4 (45)2020-10-24
v3.2.3 (44)2020-10-22
v3.2.2 (42)2020-09-30
v3.2.1 (41)2020-09-28
v3.1.9 (39)2020-09-10
v3.1.8 (38)2020-05-03
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