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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesIntroducing Bingo Drop! A new, fun and juicy way to play Bingo!


⭐ Are you up for the challenge? ⭐

Can you keep up? It’s time to experience a fast-paced twist on bingo games that will have you playing for days!

Bingo Drop will have you challenging your reflexes, reaction time, and brain power - and you're guaranteed to be hooked!

A Bingo Game Meets the Arcade: It’s Bingo Drop!
Enjoy all of the fun of top casual games with a bingo twist that will have your brain working at top speed! Can you handle the Bingo Drop?
• Fill your board and win prizes by tapping the numbers on your board that correspond to the numbers on the dropping bingo balls.
• Keep one eye on the bingo balls coming your way...and one eye on your bingo sheet at the bottom of the screen!
• Keep up! Start off slow and try to stay on top of the pace as the game gets faster and faster.
• Watch out for bombs! Those pesky bombs will try to interrupt your flow...but beware, different bombs come with different challenges.
• Each wave gets bigger and bigger! Ride the tide and go crazy as dozens of numbers come at you, all at once!
• Don't lose a life - you start off with three lives, just don't drop a ball, let a bomb explode, or tap that wrong number, or you’ll lose one... lose all three and your game is over!

Power-ups a Plenty
Sound fun? Bingo Drop might be one of the most challenging games out there - but luckily, you’ll have some awesome power-ups to help you beat those waves!
• Explode your game with dynamite: wait for it to appear in the center of your game board to explode those balls out of the picture entirely - just make sure to cover your ears!
• Rise up the ranks with a score multiplier!
• Slow down the speed with the time-slowing clock
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Bingo Drop APK - v1.0.12

Updated: 2020-04-20

What's new

Minor fixes for a better game experience!
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