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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesAndroid app to use your mobile phone as a bike computer.


Android app to use your mobile phone as a bike computer. Jepster uses GPS to track your ride. Furthermore, it supports ANT+™ and Bluetooth heart rate monitors, speed and/or cadence senors and power meters.

- Real-time data
Jepster provides real-time performance data of your ride. Jepster supports multiple pages which are customizable such that you can have all the information that interests you displayed.

Statistics: up to 10 editable data fields
Summary: up to 10 editable data fields
Lap statistics: up to 10 editable data fields
Lap summaries: no editable data fields, predefined with 9 data fields per lap
Map & statistics: up to 8 editable data fields
Route elevation: up to 8 editable data fields
Elevation chart: up to 8 editable data fields
Speed chart: up to 8 editable data fields
Heart rate chart: up to 8 editable data fields
Power chart: up to 8 editable data fields

You can easily connect to your ANT+™ or Bluetooth cadence, heart rate, speed and power meters sensors (ANT+™ sensors requires ANT+™ hardware support on your smartphone, Bluetooth sensors require Bluetooth low energy support). Your ride data will be stored on your smartphone as a FIT file.

- GPS route navigation
Load GPX tracks or Strava routes which will be shown on the map such that you can easily follow your route (no turn by turn navigation). You can choose to either use Google Maps or Openstreetmap (Openstreetmap supports offline maps and has more functionalities).

Jepster provides you two different pages with a map:
STATISTICS & MAP: a section with up to 10 editable data fields and a section with a map
MAP: only a large map

Note that the size of the map on the STATISTICS & MAP page depends on the number of data fields chosen.

- Strava & TrainingPeaks
You can connect Jepster to your Strava and TrainingPeaks account such that you can upload your activities directly from Jepster to Strava/TrainingPeaks. Furthermore you can directly load your Strava routes.

- Auto pause
Auto pause feature to automatically pause your activity when stopped riding. You can choose the auto pause trigger value between 0 - 4,5 km/h.

- Data types
Among others, the following data is available to be displayed (real time, averages, maximum values):
Heart rate

Note that depends on the hardware of your phone (see for more details

This product is ANT+™ certified. Visit for compatible products and apps.
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Jepster | Bike computer APK - v5.2.9.2

Updated: 2020-10-13

What's new

- Portugese language supported
- Material design updates
- Bug fixes

- Strava Google Sign in support
- TrainingPeaks integration
- Analyze option when loading activity
- Warnings when GPS is off and battery saving mode on
- Font changes
- Bug fixes

- Added option to change screen and map refresh rates
- Added Strava athlete page and navigation header
- Bug fixes
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