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Author's NotesDigital Coupons. Rewards. Deals For You. Now that’s a Win for your Wallet!


The Bi-Lo app is here to help you score Wins for Your Wallet!
Look, just buying groceries without rewards or coupons is fine. That’s how our grandparents used to do it, and they turned out alright. But if you have an app that can save you time, money, and earn you points - why not buy groceries and reap those benefits? Seems like a no-brainer.

So, what all does the Bi-Lo app cover? Let’s do a list! People on the internet love lists.
• So many deals. The Deal of the Week, our Weekly Ad, Deals For You based on your shopping history. If there’s a way for you to save money, earn extra points, or BOTH (seriously, peep that Deal of the Week), it’ll be in the app.

• The Savings tab features SO MANY COUPONS and while that may seem overwhelming, it also features a very simple filter feature to help you find exactly what kind of coupon you’re looking for.

• The main reason you signed up for our Rewards program. Or should we say, the whole “point” of the program? Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. The app stores your Rewards card, so you can easily scan it on every grocery trip. You can also track your points in the app, and decide how to spend them - on future grocery purchases or fill-ups at Shell fuel stations!

• We can’t tell you what this is, hence the name.

• Okay, but seriously - Mystery Bonuses are points multipliers that used to be printed on your receipt. So back in the day, you used to have to bring your paper receipt back to rack up those extra points. But NOW, we’ve have finally caught up to the present day! We no longer shop by candlelight, our stores are air conditioned, and Mystery Bonuses now appear digitally in the app!

• We have no real way of testing this - and thus no discernible proof - but we have a real strong feeling that just having the app on your phone will make you significantly cooler. All the money saving and points earning is just a real confidence booster, you know?
So that’s our list. Pretty sweet, eh? We know there weren’t a lot of buzzwords, and we would’ve loved to include a “Which frozen food promotion are you?” personality quiz, but that’s not an option here in the app store. But you have to admit, we do make a pretty compelling case for why you should have the Bi-Lo app on your mobile device. So if you haven’t yet, download it today, sign in to your rewards account (or sign up for the first time), and start racking up Wins for Your Wallet!
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BI-LO APK - v4.1.9

Updated: 2020-09-15

What's new

We’ve updated how to log into the BI-LO app! You can now log in with an email and password or with your cell number and a verification code, as before. We also updated the Points History to show when you earn points through our e-commerce partners and continued our efforts to improve the app’s speed and reliability. We have more exciting features coming soon, so be sure to watch for new updates!
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4.1.9 (400045)2020-09-15
4.1.4 (400043)2020-06-23
4.1.4 (200043)2020-06-26
4.1.3 (400042)2020-06-17
4.1.3 (200042)2020-06-14
4.1.1 (200041)2020-04-20
4.1.1 (400041)2020-05-07
4.1.0 (400040)2020-03-20
4.1.0 (300040)2020-03-12
4.1.0 (200040)2020-03-10
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