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Author's - The world’s largest social network for cancer patients &caregivers


The app provides people with cancer and their families a unique and innovative personalized solution to help manage and fight cancer more effectively.

Using Belong, you will find support groups for every type of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and many more.

The FREE service includes:
- Access to leading oncologists, radiologists, researchers & nurses who answer your questions.
- Assistance, tips, and support from a vast social network of others with cancer.
- The ability to organize and manage your records on your mobile device, and share easily with family and medical professionals.
- The ability to personalize information and notifications.
- Access to a robust clinical trial matching service specific to your type of cancer.

Belong is an information sharing platform between users, healthcare stake holders and publicly available information. Belong does not recommend, provide, suggest or deliver advice of any kind.
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BELONG Beating Cancer Together APK - v4.20.219.8

Updated: 2020-11-24

What's new

Welcome to Belong's latest version,
This version comes with several improvements that will ameliorate your experience with the app, including:
- New design.
- Bug fixes.
- Improved performance.
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