The app for both beekeepers and bee lovers. Incl. info about insects and plants.



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Author's NotesThe app for both beekeepers and bee lovers. Incl. info about insects and plants.


* VIEW BEES IN REAL TIME - A number of webcams set up at various locations show you the everyday life of the honeybee.
* USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR INSECTS AND PLANTS - BeeSmart contains a steadily growing encyclopaedia of native plants and insects. Find out which plants will do well on your balcony or in your garden.
* SAVE BEES' LIVES - Thanks to our swarm catcher, you too can help our beloved bees. Report a sighting of a bee swarm in your area and get support from a local beekeeper.
* STAY WELL INFORMED - Read our exciting news on the latest beekeeping themes and about ways to help our native plants and insects.
* ORGANISE YOUR BEE COLONIES - The first professionally developed beehive card with QR codes, printable PDFs for treatment and inventory, Varroa Counter, task list, weather forecast, reminder function, photographic documentation, countless different options to choose from, colony transfer including information, family tree and much more.

All the functions apart from the optional QR code are free of charge.
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BeeSmart APK - v1.4.4

Updated: 2020-10-03

What's new

- Added notifications list
- Performance optimizations
- Users can now share data with others
- Improved log entries table for easier search
- create your own templates for log entries and tasks
- Updated feature BREED to match actual breeding characteristics
- New event type CONTROL for logging of weekly control details
- Current comb amount which is updated based on events
- Allow user to change colony creation date
- Updated beephone analytics and added prediction values
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1.4.4 (10404)2020-10-03
1.4.2 (10403)2020-09-12
1.3.2 (10303)2020-04-18
1.3.1 (10301)2020-03-10
1.3.0 (10300)2020-02-05
1.2.2 (10202)2019-12-03
1.1.1 (10102)2019-11-14
1.0.16 (10017)2019-05-17