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Author's NotesMobile Event Guide for BayCare Quality Sharing Day


This app will provide attendees to Quality Sharing Day with important information that they can use to enhance the event experience. Quality Sharing Day celebrates BayCare's commitment to Quality and provides an opportunity to learn about successful process improvements and best practices implemented in clinical and operational areas throughout the system. Teams across BayCare will share their projects through storyboard displays and a select number of team presentations.
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BayCare Quality Sharing Day APK - v5.50

Updated: 2019-10-12

What's new

-The "Up Next" section of Dynamic Event Guide encourages you to log in and plan your day.
-We added company names to the featured speakers section of Dynamic Event Guide.
-You can delete your own posts on the activity feed!
-We added a countdown to your event on the Dynamic Event Guide.
-Bug fixes and enhancements to improve the overall attendee app experience.
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5.50 (1113)2019-10-12
5.33.1 (1110)2018-09-13