"Battle of the gods" is a grand strategy RPG mobile games, the game to Western myths as the main background,...



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Author's Notes"Battle of the gods" is a grand strategy RPG mobile games, the game to Western myths as the main background,...




"Battle of the gods" is a grand strategy RPG mobile games, the game to Western myths as the main background, with beautiful art style will be a large number of mythological characters into the game, emphasize the strategy of both sides of war and to personality card character cards, gorgeous skill system, readily combat mode and depth of pluralistic culture as the core. Game server technology in the mobile games with the most advanced algorithm, in the overall server structure and data packet transmission with advanced solutions, at the same time, the flow of the game consumption and security of user data to be optimized, for the players to show a different myth world.
"Battle of the gods" the card card collection, war strategy and subversive light operation model of perfect fusion, large-scale remodeling strategy hand tour of the new era. Four races nearly a hundred kinds of different heroes, each hero has unique skills, charge, stealth, flash, airborne, charm and a variety of skills tactics you. Created by the protagonist + eight hero card composed of changing lineup, through the battle immediately control card battle, the implementation of the law, the pattern of strategic response to changing battlefield.
"Battle of the gods" in the policy action of two elements in the play of the new dual core Mobile Games. According to the positioning of hero class attributes and the unique skills, brain hole full concentration to create ever-changing spot strategy is most prominent in the aspect of strategy. In action, each hero in the battle will be according to their skills of automatic battle, the players also need manual micro drive placed cards play the role of fighting, or click release hero skills, simple operation and does not lack the fighting fun!
Plays the biggest charm is that can make different friends and realize its refreshed PK, in the "battle of the gods" a variety of huge social system build game world active player interaction, visit friends exchanging physical, invite friends to cheer together to fight. Free to challenge the brightest strong open arena kumite and excitement of the predatory PK, even million people hundred battle group with the service of the public system, for you to create a unprecedented magical journey.
A hegemony, to build 9v9 lineup, instant strategy card Mobile Games!
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Battle of the gods APK - v1.3.1

Updated: 2016-06-15

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2.修复 OpenSSL 版本存在的安全漏洞
3.修复 libpng 版本存在安全漏洞
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