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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesBasket Run, funny & crazy ball rolling game with basketball, challenging & fun!


Basket run! is a cool combination of a jumping ball game plus a jumping basketball game. It is a ball runner 3D form where you roll the ball along a turned and twisted path avoiding obstacles on the way. You have to put the ball in the basket at the end of each level to complete the level. A single tap on the ball will make it jump. Time and speed are both you’ll have to consider. Gaps, walls, spinning wheels, twisted pipes, platforms and jellies are some things that will come as hindrances. Collect color gems as you play the game and unlock add-ons like ball types on the way. A challenging game play are the two top favorite features of Basket Run. You can play this game for hours and hours, just for some great time pass or to improve your concentration abilities! So what are you waiting for! Come join this league of Basket Run players spread all over the internet.

» Game Features:
☆ A 3D crazy Basket Run ball rolling game.
☆ This fascinating Basket Run game, the jumping basketball is full of adventure.
☆ This Basket Run game is easy to understand and begin.
☆ The music in this jumping ball 3D game has been matched to the exact move that your ball makes; so go synchronized all along the path of the gameplay.
☆ There is a special ball collection to be done in this Basket Run game.
☆ Just tap and release, to jump the ball high to avoid hindrances like walls and wheels.
☆ Enthralling audio visual effects in this mad Basket Run game.
☆ This basket running game has multiple challenges, many levels and timers for an adventurous basket ball run.
☆ Basket Run is a very small file size for easy and quick downloading.
☆ Basket Run resumes from where you last left.
☆ A perfect basketball game loved by all players.
☆ A fast and furious basket ball jump game of 2020.
☆ If something comes to your mind on how to improve Basket Run, write to us.

» How to Play:
✓ Playing this Basket Run game is very crazy, thrilling and unplugged fun.
✓ Download the game and hit the play button.
✓ When the Basket Run game starts, you see a ball on a path which is ready to roll.
✓ Tap tap or swipe up to jump the ball. Also you can stop ball by holding tap to pass obstacles but make sure on release of tap it will jump.
✓ Be prepared when you press the play button on the Basket Run the timer starts at once.
✓ Tap the ball in the Basket Run to make it jump.
✓ In case you unexpectedly lock you phone, the jumping ball game pauses automatically. You can begin from where you left when you open Basket Run again.
✓ In case you collide with the wall or hit an obstacle in the basket running game, Basket run is over.
✓ Collect color gems on the way as you play the Basket Run game.
✓ Unlock the balls by collecting color gems while completing basketball levels in the basket run gameplay.
✓ Basket Run is unlimited fun.
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Basket Run! APK - v1.0.1

Updated: 2020-09-13

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