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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesJust calculate the base and the e-liquids for your E-Cigarette.


Mixing is so easy. Calculate the amounts of base, nicotine and aroma in the simplest way.
Whether 50/50 or other conditions.
Mix CBD with nicotine or thin it.
No matter if you mix in milliliters or with the scales.
No matter if you use ready-made base, or mix PG and VG separately.
No matter what shots you take and how much nicotine you want.
You have two shots and want to know how much base you need to get to your desired strength? In a second you have the solution.
You mix different flavors in your base? You have also calculated that in seconds.
Calculate Shake & Vape Liquids.
Make default settings that are automatically inserted in each calculation.
Save your favorite recipes and have them always and everywhere.
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Base, E-Juice und Liquid Calculator APK - v3.0.5

Updated: 2019-02-18

What's new

Store up to 20 recipes with up to 10 flavors
CBD input now possible in mg / ml
Customize the calculator to your liking, change the color for background, text, buttons and inputs as you like it.
Minor bug removed.
Fixed crash on some phones.
Inserted tablet versions.
Dilute or enhance the aroma content of your fluid.
Set whether your screen should remain active during the calculations.
Shake & Vape calculation inserted.
CBD calculation inserted.
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