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Author's NotesBank4YOU: fast money transfers from the European Union to Africa


Buy, sell, store, and exchange your cryptocurrency. Bank4You is Safe, Secure, and Reliable crypto eWallet with the best rates on the market!
With Bank4You eWallet, you can buy, sell, store, and exchange your cryptocurrency in a private and secure way.
What you can do within Bank4You app:
You can purchase luxury items from abroad by using cryptocurrency as payment method.
You can purchase cryptocurrency at the lowest rates and resell, invest, or turn it into savings.
You can use cryptocurrency as a fast payment method for vendor purchases around the world.
You can transfer your cryptocurrency from another eWallet and keep your balance private at Bank4You eWallet.

Bank4You operates within African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and European markets.
Break the borders! With Bank4You there are no more unreachable or unavailable products for you and your business.

Why Bank4You app is your best choice for cryptocurrency eWallet:
Best rates in the market! Bank4You rates are guaranteed to be the lowest
Bank4You offers the most secure (ESCROW) transactions
We guarantee the privacy of all your transactions
All Bank4You transactions are processed within 10 minutes on average
Real-time status updates on all your transactions
Convenient cash-in and cash-out procedure
Bank4You has no hidden fees!
Bank4You works with mMoney and Cash
In and Out of your crypto balance for FREE

Buying Cryptocurrency within Bank4You App is simple and fast:
Download Bank4You App from the AppStore or Google Play Market;
Create your crypto Wallet by registering inside the app;
Create Escrow request to buy crypto securely;
Select type and amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy;
Send request;
Pay your invoice by cash, mMoney or account-to-account transfer;
Your purchase is complete ;
Immediately after the purchase, you will see cryptocurrency balance in your Wallet.
Other transactions available to you within the app:
Exchange cryptocurrency you have for a different cryptocurrency
Sell your cryptocurrency
Transfer your cryptocurrency to another Wallet
Store it as savings
New features coming soon to Bank4You app:
Instant payments
Individual and corporate multi-currency accounts
Digital wallets
SWIFT & SEPA real-time payments
Business payments and merchant acquiring
Payment cards
Insurance policies quotes

Bank4You currently offers these popular and stable crypto coins:
Ethereum (ETH)

Bank4You offers you clear transaction status and account statements.
Low-cost transfers
• We guarantee all exchange rates
• Our low-cost fees are always displayed upfront
Download now for free and start using your private cryptocurrency Wallet quickly and securely.
For more information, please visit:
Have questions or comments? Bank4You Customer Support team is available 24/7 by email or Skype:

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Bank4YOU: Money Transfer to Africa APK - v1.0.22

Updated: 2019-10-26

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