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OS RequireAndroid 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 - Gingerbread
Author's NotesImplements the new Bahá’í calendar & provides Gregorian equivalent of Holy Days


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This software comes with no warranty. It may contain numerous bugs. Use it at your own risk. The developer is not responsible for any damage, injury or loss of life that it may cause.

This app displays the current Bahá’í date and provides a reminder of any upcoming Bahá’í Feast or holy day. Sunrise and sunset times are calculated based on GPS location and will be displayed if a GPS fix is available.

The Bahá’í date that is displayed near the top of the screen is calculated dynamically, i.e. it is automatically advanced by a day after sunset at the user's location.

The tabulated calendar display on the bottom half of the screen provides a more traditional 'static' view. Both Gregorian and Badi dates are displayed simultaneously with the Badi dates shown using smaller font and having a background that is coloured according to the Badi month in question.

A star-shaped icon marks dates on the calendar that are of significance to Baha'is. Touching on any such date will bring up an information box that will display further details related to that date.
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Bahá’í Calendar APK - v1.8.1

Updated: 2016-01-12

What's new

In this incremental update, fixed an issue with the swipe gesture detector being overtly sensitive on some devices, especially tablets.

Previous version (1.8):
Added swipe based controls to navigate more naturally through the calendar months. Swiping from right to left (or from top to bottom) displays the next calendar month, whereas swiping in the opposite direction displays the previous month.

Fixed a rendering issue on xxhdpi displays (that of text size being too small).
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1.8.1 (10)2016-01-12