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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesSpread the horror throughout the Kingdom!


Once upon a time there was a Dragon. Like any of his kind, he dreamed of sowing horror at the inhabitants of the kingdom nearby. But there was one “but” - its wings were very small and unable to lift it up. The kingdom lived in peace and quiet, and the Dragon was sad and dreamed of the possibility of flying. But then one day his children built a slingshot, and the dream became a reality - with its help, he was able to fly up and fall on the Rag Kingdom with all his might!

You have to help the dragon in raiding the Kingdom and devouring its rag inhabitants. Be careful - Rag King announced a reward for you and hired the most powerful mercenaries to capture you!

You need to fly the dragon with a slingshot and fly as much as possible. Like any dragon, yours also loves and accumulates treasures. Use this to buy upgrades - this will help you go even further! Avoid touching the ground and the soldiers of the kingdom - your wings are weak and will not be able to lift you up if you lose speed too much.


Three strong dragons await the launch of the flight!
6 king mercenaries who came to defeat the dragon!
Dozens of possible upgrades make you faster, stronger, better!
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Bad Wingz APK - v0.9

Updated: 2020-06-05

What's new

- added support for ARMv7 architecture
- support mail changed
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