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Author's NotesTrack your debt payments and emergency fund. Have fun along the way.


Hey, SmartDollar, Financial Peace Members, or EveryDollar Plus* users. This app is for you! If you don’t currently use one of these amazing tools, you won’t be able to log into this app.
Track your debt payments, build your emergency savings, and follow your Baby Steps. Learn from world-class teachers along the way. Our approach is simple, but effective. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.
Stuffy personal finance app? Nope. That’s not us. If that’s what you’re looking for, keep moving. Basically, we teach common sense and we really care about helping you get out of debt and save for the future. Our Baby Steps and debt snowball method have helped nearly 6 million people go from, “I can’t do this,” to “I just did that!”
Take your money to the next level:
• Learn and apply Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps method.
• Determine which Baby Step you’re on.
• Work each Baby Step until you are completely debt-free.
Track your debt payments using the debt snowball method:
• Discover how soon you could be debt-free.
• Watch your debts shrink when you pitch a snowball at them. It’s a little aggressive, but
hey, it feels good to hit back. And we’re here for it.
• Set attainable goals.
Track your savings:
• Learn from experts who give inside tips on how to save money faster and establish an emergency fund.
• Throw some coins in your piggy bank. Literally. It’s a ball.
• Find the motivation to keep going when you see how much you’ve increased your
Expert in-app coaching from world-class teachers:
• Watch the best of Dave Ramsey’s money rants.
• Rachel Cruze gives on-point budgeting tips.
• Ken Coleman dishes career advice you can’t live without.
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The Baby Steps APK - v2020.12.03

Updated: 2021-01-22

What's new

-- Version 2020.08.24 --
* Set a completion date goal on Baby Step 1
* Bug fixes
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