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Author's NotesLearn about daily colors and experience the fun of painting.


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Baby Panda's color class begins! Children, let's play games with Baby Panda: feed crayon elves, find animals, and organize toys!

You will love these interesting color games! Let's start the wonderful journey of colors together!

Learn about colors
Crayon elves are hungry. Please feed them with colored fruits: apples, bananas, blueberries, etc. The little frog wants to cross the river. Please find green lotus leaves and help it cross the river.

Tell colors apart
Toys were scattered all over the floor. Organize toys by colors. Can you help the white goose find its friend? Observe carefully! The goose of the same color as the white goose is its friend!

Painting and coloring
The chicken is colorless. Please help color it yellow. On the drawing board, you can also color the dinosaur green, color the car blue, and color the bunny with multiple colors. Have fun with painting and create your own masterworks!

Kids, come and learn about colors. Experience the fun of painting and show your artistic talent!

- Learning about 6 basic colors: red, yellow, blue, etc.
- Coloring 8 pictures: dinosaur, car, bunny, etc.
- 6 adorable crayon characters.

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