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Author's NotesOperate everyday vehicles and complete different tasks.


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Do you know police cars, fire engines, and buses? Do you want to know how these vehicles are assembled and what they are used for? Let's experience and learn about these vehicles! Create exciting stories about you and vehicles!


Drive the police car!
Drive the police car and set out to catch the thief! Keep up with the thief's car and don't lose it! The thief abandoned the car and ran away. You have to pull over the police car to the side of the road and find the thief. After catching the thief, drive the police car back to the police station!

Here comes the bus!
You have to drive the bus into the bus stop! Open the bus door and welcome passengers aboard. Don't forget to remind passengers to insert coins for bus rides! After all passengers get on the bus, close the bus door, drive the bus away from the bus stop and head for the next stop!

Put out the big fire!
The fire breaks out in the high-rise building. Drive the fire engine and set out to put out the fire! Fire trucks are equipped with water pistol, you can drag it and spray water over the fire area to put out the fire. Then use the scaling ladder to get into the building and rescue your friends!

Do you have a better understanding of the uses of these vehicles? Let me give you a quiz. What are police cars for? Is the world of vehicles interesting? My dear fans! Come and start your journey of vehicle exploration!


-9 type of vehicles help you get to know the shapes and names of common vehicles!
-13 scenes help you understand the use of these vehicles!
-Operate these vehicles and complete tasks to help 42 friends!

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