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Author's NotesGo across canyons, carry pine cones...36 fun interactions with animals.


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There are 31 animals living in baby panda's Animal Park: doggies, kitties, squirrels, elephants, giraffes...They bring us crazy, surprising, and fun stories every day.

Let's get on the bus and explore the animal park together! Play games with little animals and feed them. Get to know their living habits and behavior characteristics.

Giraffes have long necks, sheep look like clouds, and elephants do not have fluffy tails...Animal puzzles will help you quickly remember the appearance features for 9 kinds of animals.

Where are the homes of little animals? Sheep inhabit the prairie, frogs live in the pond, doggies stay inside the house...Which animals live in the jungle? Let's check them out in the animal park together!

It's lunch time for little animals. Look, the monkeys are sliding on ropes, crossing canyons, and picking bananas! The kitty fell into the water as it was trying to catch a fish. Come and help it. The baby giraffe is hungry. Pick off some leaves to feed it.

- 31 common animals: doggies, kitties, bunnies, monkeys, frogs, and more.
- 9 animals puzzle cards that help you learn and remember appearance features of animals.
- 36 breathtaking interactions: crossing canyons, getting off cliffs, saving frogs, and more.
- Different habitats in the animal park for exploration.
- Fun animations and adorable animal sounds.
- Feel free to explore and develop awareness of animal protection.

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