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Author's NotesEasiest way to find happiness through mindfulness. Powered by AI.


Aura: The Most Popular & Personalized Wellness & Mindfulness App, just released on Android.

Aura is the best solution to reducing stress and increasing positivity through 3-minute meditations, personalized by AI.

Do you wish to control your stress and thoughts better? Are you seeking more positivity? Have you tried other mindfulness meditation apps but couldn't form a habit around them?

Aura is the best, AI-driven mindfulness meditation app for anyone interested in reducing stress & anxiety; Aura provides short and sweet, science-backed, and personalized mindfulness meditation exercises every day to make you happier. It enhances the meditation experience and it's fun.

- Relieve stress & anxiety with a 3-minute guided meditation session every day.
- Choose how you're feeling and receive the best meditation for you
- Rate your experience, and Aura will learn about you to provide a better session every time.
- Listen to meditations specifically created for your feelings, whenever you need
- Track your mood, learn about your mood patterns, and visually see yourself improve
- Take a mindful break whenever you need
- Receive daily reminders for mindful breathers and meditations
- Express gratitude as a habit through daily reflections
- Integrated with Apple Health
- Various relaxation sounds and music for unguided meditations before sleep
- Perfect for beginners who want to learn how to meditate
- Receive daily meditations just for you today

Start your day with energy and purpose. Decrease stress and increase positivity. Experience a happier you with daily meditations.

Aura is a new kind of mindfulness app that learns about you and simplifies your learning through guided meditations.

Download now--the best meditation app in the market, Aura.
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Aura: Mindfulness & Happiness APK - v2.1.0

Updated: 2020-03-18

What's new

Biggest update of 2019!
Aura - new design, thousands of tracks, less bugs, much-improved in every way!

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