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Author's NotesAtlas helps you carry the weight of your world


Atlas is a social media app dedicated to helping you live the good life. Being in school and growing up is hard for everyone. Atlas guides you through day-to-day stress of relationship drama, dealing with fake friends, family problems, school work, and getting enough sleep.

And we’ll help you with the big picture too: pursuing purpose, finding connectedness, knowing your authentic self, and navigating an uncertain future.

Atlas is your guide to the four areas of life:

1. Self
Improve your mental health through developing self-awareness, self-compassion, and a sense of purpose

2. Relationships
Develop meaningful connection with the people in your life

3. Work and School
Find the motivation to achieve your goals

4. Future
Make a plan for your self and manage the stress of deadlines and expectations

Atlas offers guided journaling, podcasts, and videos that introduce different perspectives from psychology, literature, and philosophy to help you live each day more meaningfully.
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