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Author's NotesSolve the puzzle and reveal the nine letter word hidden within!


Astraware Wordoku is a word game with a logical twist! Fill the grid by solving it step at a time, just like a Su-doku, and find the nine letter target word hidden in a line within it.

You're given nine letters to fill the grid with, but each letter can only be used once in each row, column, or 3x3 box. From the letters already given in the grid, you will be able to place the rest - but it'll take some thinking!

If you're good at anagrams perhaps you can guess the target word early - if you get it right it will help you fill in the puzzle too!

If you need a clue, every Wordoku comes with an extra clue (just like a quick-crossword clue) to help you to figure out the target word.

Every Astraware Wordoku puzzle is fully solvable just by logic alone - you don't need to guess at all! Built in is a hint system that teaches you how to play and be better at the game as you go along - it even tells you where to look and what to look for.

Wordoku puzzles are chosen to be playable by average players, rather than Sudoku experts, so you won't need pencilmarks and complex techniques - just a careful eye and a bit of concentration.

Astraware Wordoku features:

- Free unlimited access to our Daily and Weekender puzzles, each with their own online high score table so you can submit your times and see how you compare!
- 50 fully-free puzzles in three difficulties to give you hours play
- Every puzzle is symmetrical and logically solvable without guessing - just like a proper Sudoku should be
- Helpful hints that teach you how to play
- Highlights to show you rows and columns, and hold & highlight for extra assistance
- Save slots available so you can have more than one puzzle on the go
- Optional puzzle packs available to purchase - amazing puzzle-book beating value!
- Free puzzle streams as an option to play without purchases
- Perfect for brain training, relaxation, or just staying sharp!

If you love this game, you will be pleased to know that we have other games available in this range: Astraware Crosswords, Codewords, Kriss Kross and Number Cross - with more to come!

If you've enjoyed the logical side of Astraware Wordoku, check out Astraware Sudoku Of The Day too - fantastic features and a range of difficulty levels - and an extended helpful hint system too!
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Astraware Wordoku APK - v2.40.000

Updated: 2020-10-04

What's new

* Fix: Subscription badge was lost when restarting the game - very sorry!

Other recent updates:
* Improved stability when exiting and restarting the game quickly
* Improved start-up and restart times
* Improved frame rate in-game
* Reduced network requests when there is a problem connecting to our server
* Fixed: Crash when showing in-game messages
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2.40.000 (240000010)2020-10-04
2.39.006 (239006030)2020-07-14
2.39.009 (239009000)2020-08-04
2.39.004 (239004000)2020-07-03
2.39.002 (239002010)2020-06-30
2.36.001 (236001010)2020-04-27
2.33.002 (233002000)2020-03-05
2.32.005 (232005000)2020-02-21
2.31.001 (231001000)2020-02-13
2.28.017 (228017000)2019-11-04
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