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version1.4.2 | 11/07/2020
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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesMake using your phone a bit easier


Some devices have a hardware button for calling assistant. However, these buttons are not compatible with this app. This is because these vendors call a specific assistant instead of the default assistant. Long holding the home button will still work.

With Assistant Shortcuts, it's possible to adjust your assistant button on your phone to a command without root!. You can, for example, view your notifications by calling your assistant.

This app makes it easy for people with disabilities to perform actions without reaching the top of the screen.

• Switch to last used app
• Put phone to sleep*
• Press back button
• Open recents screen
• Go to home button
• Toggle between split-screen mode (Android N+ required)
• Open notification panel
• Open Quick-settings panel
• Take screenshot (Android P+ required)
• Toggle flashlight
• Toggle rotation lock
• Launch any installed app
• Draw a quick note for yourself
• Toggle between ring, vibrate and silent mode

*Locking the phone on Android Oreo and lower required device admin permissions

What permission Assistant Shortcuts ask for and why:
• Accessibility: Used for performing gestures such as back, power menu and pull down notification

You can become a supporter by donating through the app
Supporters receive an extra bonus but the main functionality is and will remain available to everyone.

The app is not working
some manufacturers ship their phones with a heavy modified version of Android. I cannot guarantee the working of the app on those devices.

For support
Did you found any problems? Do you want me to add a feature? Or contact me for any other reason? No problem!
You can send an email to or create a ticket at

You can also contact me on the following platforms:

Download Assistant Shortcuts and get better Android experiences today.
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Assistant Shortcuts APK - v1.4.2 | 11/07/2020

Updated: 2020-11-24

What's new

- Locking phone now supports Android Oreo and below
- Toggle ringer mode now!
- Updated libraries
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1.4.2 | 11/07/2020 (49)2020-11-24
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