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Author's NotesYou also like Asia more! Find your nearby favorite private guide.


What is AsianMate:
Communicate with people living in Asian cities that you have not been to before, and you can exchange information about local attractions and delicious shops before traveling.
In addition, if agreement between both sides is established, you will be able to request a guide.
Conversely, please tell us about your locality to people traveling to the city where you live. Surely a new story begins in your life.
Change your regular trips and everyday life to the time when you can make the best memories.

Case studies of AsianMate:
- I want to go to Manila for travel this weekend, but I'm traveling alone, this is my first time in Philippines, so please tell me about recommended spots.
- I would like to convey the beauty of this city to people who are coming to Paris.

Features of AsianMate:
- You can use this app without registering your email address, phone number, real name, address etc such as personal information.
- There are no fictitious claims or bots.
- You can see all guide's profile for free, so you can find the guide that best matches you.

-It is not a service that guarantees to accompany the guide. It is a service for communication purpose only.
-It is not a service intended for marriage or dating.
-If you do something that we deem inappropriate, we will prohibit the use.
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AsianMate - Find Asian Local Guides APK - v9.0.38

Updated: 2021-03-04

What's new

This version fixed small bug.
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9.0.38 (20210302)2021-03-04
9.0.37 (20210124)2021-01-26
9.0.36 (20201228)2021-01-07
9.0.35 (20201225)2021-01-01
9.0.34 (20201203)2020-12-09
9.0.33 (20201124)2020-11-25
9.0.31 (20201104)2020-11-11
9.0.30 (20201018)2020-10-27
9.0.29 (20200927)2020-10-17
9.0.28 (20200913)2020-09-14
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