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Android 5.0 - Lollipop
Action and RPG's exquisite blended!Invincible Item, Random farming your items.

You have been deserted, the only survivor, our last hope.
The fight against the evil forces and the future of the universe lies in your hands.

Can you summon enough strength and courage to rescue the world from evil forces?

A new era of RPG games has begun! Combine the fun of archery with amazing character progression for the ultimate game experience!

Enter the world of infinite farming and become the hero we have all been waiting for.

Key Features
▶Infinite farming system: Receive a great variety of unique items and upgrade them to become stronger.
▶Easy play: No complicated rules or controls, just enjoy and have fun with Archer's Adventure: Archer of Legend.
▶Endless battling mode and boss stage: Are you ready to defeat tons of monsters before facing the biggest challenge of all, boss mode?
▶Play and experience a new world with wonderful graphics and tension-filled action.
▶Never-ending contents and regular updates for your ultimate game fun!

Start your arching adventure now!

Archer's Adventure : Archer of Legend APK - v2.5.9

: 2021-02-20

We will inform you of the 40th update
• Add New event skin
• Add New Hero skin
• Add Transcendence system
• Open Epic-grade item's fusion
• Added user-level reward
(Existing users can also receive it.)

2.5.9 (2590)2021-02-20
2.5.7 (2570)2021-02-10
2.4.4 (2441)2020-12-29
2.3.9 (2390)2020-12-23
2.3.3 (2330)2020-12-18
2.2.7 (2270)2020-12-15
2.2.6 (2260)2020-11-17
2.2.4 (2240)2020-10-23
2.2.2 (2220)2020-10-19
2.2.0 (2200)2020-09-28