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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesThe most powerful application backup tool - both for root and non-root users !



Backup and Share any System/Internal/SD Card App (APK and/or App Data)

Backup/Restore/Share *External Data (ROOT NOT Required)
- External core data
- Media components

Backup/Restore/Share *Complete Data (ROOT Required)
- Internal & External core data
- Settings
- Databases
- Media components
- And everything else

Portable data backups (single file)
Usually other apps generate more than one file for each backup - which is messy !

Batch Backup & Restore (ROOT Required)
Backup/Restore all (or as many as you want) the apps with just a single tap (APK/External Data/Complete Data - Everything!)

Backup your apps WHEREVER YOU WANT
- Internal Storage
- Removable SD Card
- USB Drives (OTG)
- Any Cloud Storage:
   - Google Drive
   - DropBox
   - OneDrive
   - And all the others (this one is available via 'Share' option)

Share apps/backups using WHATEVER YOU WANT
- Bluetooth
- Wifi Direct
- IR
- Any app that supports file sharing:
  SHAREit, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and whatever you can imagine.

Fully automated backup options
- Backup All
- Backup Selected
- Backup None (Off)

Directly Uninstall/Remove Apps
- User apps (ROOT NOT Required)
- System apps & bloatwares (ROOT Required)

Batch Install & Uninstall (ROOT Required)
Install/Uninstall multiple apps with just a single tap (any app - System apps/apps in SD Card/User apps)

See detailed app info and access advanced options for any app
- Package name
- Version
- Permissions
- Compatible OS range
- Full date & time of installation/backup
- And many more

Interactive Search
Search apps and backups with highlighted characters - interactively - all in one place !

Separate dedicated tabs for each kind of apps/backups
So that you can find everything easily !

Dedicated file browser to set the local backup location
No need to type the folder path explicitly like other apps force you to do, just browse and select your desired folder.

Many helpful indicators to help you understand the state and number of available backups - and more !

Huge set of customization settings.

Four beautiful material design themes.

And tons of other unique & interesting features...


External Data
Many apps/games store some of their data in external storage devices, like shared internal storage, or any removable media (SD card/USB drives etc.). These are called External Data.

Internal Data
Apps/games store their preferences, databases and other important data inside its own private directory. These data are called Internal Data.

Complete Data
Internal Data + External Data


If you are not satisfied in any way, we are here to refund!
Also, if you can't afford it, just let us know!
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App Backup & Share Pro APK - v11.1.2

Updated: 2019-09-01

What's new

Major update:
- Batch install & uninstall (ROOT)
- Batch backup & restore (ROOT)
- System app & bloatware removal (ROOT)
- More flexibility for data restore feature
- Faster backup & restore.
- Fixed self backup issues
- Lots of performance improvements
- Reliability improvements
- Some translation improvements

*If you find any problem, let us know and we will fix it instantly!
*If anyone is interested to translate/improve the available translations please let us know!
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