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OS RequireAndroid 4.3.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesAnti Spyware Scanner - Made in Germany with over 10,000,000 Anti Spy signatures


Anti Spyware Scanner - Made in Germany

The mobile Anti Spyware Scanner from cb innovations protects Android devices against espionage attacks.

🛡️ Complete Spy app protection with anti spy. All in one Super Anti Spyware. Protection against spyware and malware.
📷 Hidden camera detector and hidden device detector.
🧿 Antivirus like capabilities.
👌 Protection from stalkerware.
👍 Comprehensive Virus Scanner.
✔ Complete Privacy Scanner.

With over 10,000,000 spyware and malware signatures, the spyware algorithms detect fraudulent elements such as adware, SMS spies, backdoors, RAT (Remote Access Trojans), rooting, key loggers, exploits, BankBots, Anubis, and ransomware.

It acts as a comprehensive spyware and malware removal app.

Whether foreign spies, hackers, spouses, friends, boss, or a colleague, with just one click on the "SCAN" button, potential spies or suspicious background processes are recognized via this spyware blocker app.

Daily signature updates and heuristic detection methods reliably protect users from all types of spyware and various monitoring apps such as GPS trackers.
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Anti Spyware Scanner cb APK - v1.5

Updated: 2021-02-10

What's new

+ Improved detection range. Now even more spyware can be detected!
+ Added 7 days free trial
+ Updated policies
+ Bug fixes
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1.5 (1050)2021-02-10
1.4 (1023)2020-12-29
1.3 (1022)2020-07-30
1.2 (1021)2020-07-04
1.1.2 (1020)2020-06-25
1.0 (1001)2020-03-28