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Author's NotesPlay animal kingdom quiz and guess your favorite animals


Are you a fan of animal kingdom, wild animals, mammals, birds, reptiles & fishes? Great! Then play the animal & mammals, reptiles, fishes & birds quiz by guessing your favorite animals from all categories in this guess the animals trivia game quiz game. Guess the animal kingdom mammals, reptiles, fishes & birds in different levels. Learn and enhance your knowledge by playing the game for all the famous animals, reptiles, birds, fishes and many more and beat the best scores.
The animal trivia game is designed for all kind of wild animal fans with informative quiz game Animals quiz: Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, and Fishes. Select your level to play the different categories of animals in mammals, reptiles, fishes & birds and random mode with time base challenges.
The game is an IQ test of animals for all famous animal kinds from around the world. Play and challenge your friends and family for the high scores with easy to use game interface. This is completely offline animals trivia game with no need of Wifi or internet to play the game. The animal quiz is easy way to test and learn new knowledge of famous animals. The game will challenge you to guess the animals from across the world with all actor categories like: mammals, reptiles, fishes, birds and one random mode to guess all the famous animals.
The free guess the animal trivia game is easy way to learn the knowledge of famous animals in different animals quiz trivia level modes. Learn new animals & actresses that you have never heard or known before. Test your information by playing the quiz trivia game and challenge your family and friends by sharing your top scores.
Guess the animals game trivia game features:
1. All famous animals and their different kinds
2. 50 plus famous Reptiles
3. 50 plus famous Mammals
4. 50 plus famous Fishes
5. 50 plus famous Birds
6. Random mode to play all the famous animals in one go
7. Make best scores and share with family and friends on any social media
8. Fast & Easy user interface
9. No need of internet or Wi-Fi to play the game
Play this exciting & challenging famous animal quiz trivia game with all the major animal categories across the globe. Lions, tigers, whales, sharks, eagles, parrots, wolves, dogs and much more! A very information game for kids as well to increase the science knowledge for your children.
Please let us know for any further improvements and additions you may like us to modify in our animals trivia game. Your feedback and suggestions will help us improve our games. Play Guess the Animals quiz: Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, and Fishes and enhance your animal kingdom IQ and knowledge.
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Animals quiz: Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Fishes APK - v1.6

Updated: 2019-10-29

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** bug fixes
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